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GTR V1.0, TMC2209, Sensorless homing - Please help!

Posted by Recoil1980 
GTR V1.0, TMC2209, Sensorless homing - Please help!
December 29, 2020 02:47PM
There are very few videos available on this board, and not much information on how to get the 2209's V1.2 working with the GTR V1.0 board.

I'm running all this on an Ender 5 Plus, with a BTT 12864 LCD screen (the ribbon cable for the TFT70 I ordered arrived damaged and is being replaced).

Currently my hot end and heat bed work, and my stepper motors turn the correct direction, but the X/Y axis keep slamming into the sides.

I removed all the jumpers beside the board drivers, and put the single jumper for the UART setting. I did not cut any of the driver pins, as I want to use sensorless homing. Beside the end stop board connectors, I removed all the jumpers except for the X & Y, which are the DIAG pins.

I followed this video (BTT GTR v1.0/M5 v1.0 - TMC2208 UART) to get my initial hardware and firmware setup, and this video (BigTreeTech SKR v1.4 Mainboard - Full Install Part 1 - 2209 Drivers - Chris's Basement)for ideas on the firmware changes for the 2209's.

In the firmware I have the X_STALL_SENSITIVITY and Y_STALL_SENSITIVITY both starting out at 8, but once up and running can turn this all the way up to 255 with M914 command. I tried different increments from the initial value of 8, going up 20 at a time, with absolutely no change into the X & Y slamming into the homing positions.

After scouring over my hardware and firmware to see if everything was setup correctly, and watching the video steps over several more times to check if something was overlooked, I am at a loss on what to try next. Please Help!

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