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Is my SSR dead?

Posted by Claghorn 
Is my SSR dead?
March 21, 2021 04:03PM
Been getting the printer I'm building wired up. Hooked up the printbed heater through my DC SSR today. There is an LED on the SSR that comes on when I turn on the heater via software and goes off when I turn the heater off. Unfortunately the bed temperature keeps going up with it on or off. Sure seems to me like the SSR is toast, but just thought I'd get another opinion. Any recommendations for reliable high quality SSRs for large printbed heaters?
Re: Is my SSR dead?
March 22, 2021 03:00AM
Yes it's dead. The cheap DC-DC SSRs that you find on eBay are mostly fakes. Get a genuine Auberin Instruments one, [www.auberins.com].

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Re: Is my SSR dead?
March 24, 2021 05:26PM
New SSR is working fine now, printbed heats up when I turn it on and cools off when I turn it off.
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