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How to install bootloader on MKS SGEN L V2.0

Posted by ifleep 
How to install bootloader on MKS SGEN L V2.0
May 07, 2021 05:59AM
I have MKS SGEN L V2.0, its a 32 bit board and I accidently uploaded a 8 bit board (ATMega 2560) firmware directly to it using VS Code but then I realized my mistake while it was uploading so I pulled the USB cable and now its not being detected by Windows and shows error, "Device not Recognized."
The LEDs light up fine, is there any fix?

Here are few of my questions:
1. I don't see CH340G chip though it requires CH340G drivers, can you find one?
2. How do I update bootloader (I wanna try that)? As I don't see and ISP pins.
3. Any possible fix?

I have attached the pinout diagram as well.

open | download - MKS SGEN_L V2.0_003 PIN.pdf (140.9 KB)
Re: How to install bootloader on MKS SGEN L V2.0
May 07, 2021 09:02PM
1) there is no CH340, you do not need these drivers

With this controller the USB is directly controlled by the controllers MPU. If that is not running, USB will not function at all. (no serial, no sd card as drive on OS)

2) its a LPC1769 not a arduino.. it does not use ISP.
Do this only as a last resort!
Follow the smoothware method to install bootloader [smoothieware.org]
You will have to find out where the boot and reset lines on the mpu go to an wire up switches. You will also need a 3.3v Serial-USB interface and plug it into TXD and RXD pins of controller.

3) All you should need to do is use an 3rd party sd to usb converter. and copy the correct firmware.bin onto the sd card.
then place sd card into controller and power up.
If the boot loader is working it will load the firmware from sdcard and then rename the to firmware.cur

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