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Five D Code

Posted by Javaid Butt 
Five D Code
July 30, 2011 04:49PM
Re: Five D Code
August 27, 2011 01:56PM
Can you please tell me why there are thermistors, temptables (and its maths) in compiled firmware for Motherboard1.2? Thank you.
Re: Five D Code
September 23, 2011 05:40PM
I honestly don't think anyone's maintaining 5D anymore - you'd be best to switch to sprinter, teacup, sjfw or any other actively maintained firmware. My personal favorite is sjfw, but compiling it is not for the faint of heart.
Re: Five D Code
September 24, 2011 10:38AM
Oh i went with teacup, although for a while i had been using something that i considered like last somewhat clean fived version. The question was like a curiosity, since ofc its a nonsense to have any temps or related stuff in master uC of Gen3.

I think only teacup actually would work with entire Gen3 set, dont think the others have support for a slave uC (EC22). To use the others i would have to hack into MB12 and add 2 small temperature boards and 2 mosfets, and redo the pins definitions.

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Re: Five D Code
September 26, 2011 03:18AM
Will either Teacup or Sprinter work on a Gen 6 board? if so is there a guide around to help configure it to my Mendel original?

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Re: Five D Code
September 27, 2011 07:21AM
AFAIK (as far as i know) both should work with gen6, and i think there are some config presets (pin def or so) or in case of teacup a config file also. Dunno about guides, but for example Teacup config file should be fairly straightforward, although to make it work it could need some work e.g. repetitive uploads, at least for items like acceleration, max extruder speed, set endstops inverted or not, etc, but i think usually for more than that. Bottom line making a good config would take a few uploads and tests, but yet i think both should work with gen6.
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