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best online shop

Posted by Uroc327 
best online shop
August 04, 2011 04:53AM
Hi Guys,

im new in the world of 3d printing,
and i wanted to build a prusa mendel at first.

My question is :

where should i buy all the parts (i live in germany ,so better a shop who is in europe in cause of the taxes),
and what do i need exactly? what electronic parts with which firmware ? and espacially where i can order the extruder
inclusive the heath bed and the nozzle?

Thanks uroc
Re: best online shop
August 04, 2011 06:04AM
Hi & welcome

I'm also in DE and have found GRRF to be good and reliable.

I bought my hot-end from reprap-fab, who is also based in DE and I was also impressed with the result.

Hope this helps,
Viel glück!


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Re: best online shop
August 04, 2011 06:26AM

thanks for the fast answer. :-)

should i order a complete kit or every part seperate.
the thing is that on this site the parts are very expensive.
do you know a shop where they are less expensive?

cause my budget is by 500 euro.

by the way
by which parts is it important to buy expensive i mean:
is a good noozle an indicator for a good result?

Thanks Uroc
Re: best online shop
August 04, 2011 06:35AM
You should be asking in the German RUG (since you live in Germany).

I also have the complete Wade hot-end from reprap-fab and have no problems with it.

A reliable hot-end is important for not having to work on your extruder all the time.
The Wades (or different versions thereof) are the current favorite for the extrude mechanics.

Bob Morrison
Wörth am Rhein, Germany
"Luke, use the source!"
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Re: best online shop
August 04, 2011 06:44AM
ok thanks a lot spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

i will try it in the german forum


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