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Declaring Digital Signal

Posted by Javaid Butt 
Declaring Digital Signal
August 12, 2011 11:11AM
I have a 3D printer (Mendel) with Generation 6 electronics board. Here is the main code for that:
I have connected an Arduino to the Gen 6 board and started communication via I2C using this routine. This code goes into the Arduino:
(replace " " with <>
#include "Wire.h"

//i2c address of the gen 6
int REP_RAP_ADDR = 4;
//my address
int CP_ADDR = 5;

void receiveEvent(int howMany)
  while(0 < Wire.available()) // loop through all
    char c = Wire.receive(); // receive byte as a character
    Serial.print(c);         // print the character       

void sendGCode(char* GCode)

void setup()
  Wire.onReceive(receiveEvent); // register event so that anything received on i2c is sent to the serial

  //Test gcode, this should send the machine's X, Y and Z to home
  sendGCode("G28 X0 Y0 Z0\n");

void loop()
I2C has already been initialized in the main code.
Now I need a digital signal at say pin 2 of Arduino. I have connected a LED at pin 2 and I want that LED to light up when the printer is printing and off when it is not printing. How to achieve this ??
I am guessing I need to include something in the main code as well as to the code that I have posted for Arduino, but I am not sure what or how

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