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Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
June 12, 2012 09:32PM
MINI CNC ROUTER ENGRAVER $272,include whole in below photo

CNC Router / Engraver Machine is made of high-grade aluminium alloy, and adopts imported precision ball screw machining. It can make your work more precise and efficient. This machine can be widely used to many fields like handicraft, anaglyph, badges, medal, model, PCB drilling sculpture, biological experiment, etc. It's applicable to stone processing, Cu and AL mold making, wood processing , craft making, light box, building mold, indoor decoration, light equipment mold processing, signs and mark making, acryl board processing, stamp, etc.

Technical Parameters
1 Machine body aluminum alloy with slots
2 Effective working travel: 200(X)mm*200(Y)mm*70(Z)mm
3 Working speed: 0 ~ 800mm/min
4 Max. speed: 2500mm/min
5 Resetting accuracy: 0.05mm
6 Engraving accuracy: better than 0.04mm (has been tested)
7 Repeat position accuracy: 0.02mm
8 Driver type: stepper motor
9 Power comsumption: <300W
10 Operating system: WIN2000/XP
11 Command Language: G code
12 Power source: AC 220/50Hz
13 Gross weight: 20kg
14 Net weight : 15kg
Units Included:
• 1× Engraving machine
• 1× Control box
• 1× Connecting wire
• 1× Parallel cable
• 1× Power line (We have alternative types in 110W & 220W, and plugs suitable for allover the world)
• 2× Engraving knives
• 2× Carbon brush
• 2 sets× Clamp tools


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Hey. It looks nice thing for that price!
Where are you from. Could you send it to europe?
What is price with delivery to Australia?
I'm interested in one.

How much including shipping to Australia?
I am intrusted in tis cnc. what is the cost of this cnc vwith delivery in INDIA.
Availability and price for shipment to 30720 USA?
I am intrusted in this cnc. what is the cost of this cnc with delivery in Indonesia.
how long waranty this machine?
What is price with delivery to Croatia?
is this still for sale
April 26, 2013 08:18AM
its ESUNpla, its made in china grinning smiley.

there was a post somewhere in some other forum, and then they retracted the price and stated the price was for BULK order. i would like to know if this time are they playing the same game again?

nothing against u guys from esunpla, but i hope you are serious, and not fishing around.

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