Newbie question on printing vs CNC milling
January 13, 2013 08:50PM
I am thinking of building a 3D printing machine that is solid enough to do light high spindle speed routing in aluminum. I know a machine can be built to do this and that is not a problem for me to design. What I am not sure of is whether 3D printing software will support CNC type programs. Do I need discreet driver cards and softwares to accomplish both goals? It seems that the usual 3D printing software writes in G code which CNC CAM programs do as well. Each can derive a G code set of instructions based on a solid model (such as Solidworks) so there is much similarity.

So how do I go about this? Is there maybe another forum I should be asking this of? Thanks!


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Re: Newbie question on printing vs CNC milling
January 14, 2013 09:43AM
How about googling? I think this question is answered here at a rate of 8 answers/week.

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