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New Open Source CNC Milling Machine

Posted by LoboCNC 
New Open Source CNC Milling Machine
June 03, 2013 01:45PM
I'd like to announce the new Lobo CNC milling machine project I am starting at lobocnc.com. This is a light-weight machine, falling somewhere in-between a small desktop CNC milling machine (like Sherline, Taig) and a desktop CNC router. It has a 14 gauge steel laser cut and folded structure that is more rigid than the typical desktop routers -- capable of machining aluminum and brass, as well as plastic and wood. It uses a closed-loop stepper controller which, in addition to improved performance, gives you a DRO capability for switching between manual and CNC machining.

The web site has complete drawings, schematics and source code posted. Sheet metal parts and controller electronics are available to purchase, or you can roll your own. I designed the machine and wrote the code for it, and can answer any questions in detail.

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