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heavy duty machine frame

Posted by metzindustries 
heavy duty machine frame
September 09, 2013 04:54AM
Here is my idea for a 3d printer fram that will also work as a frame for a mini mill.

I was trying to come up with a way to build a machine that would not get jammed up or damage stepper motors if I used cutting oil.

I have a CNC plasma table, and researching how to DIY a router I came up with a idea to basically build a router table on top of a box.

My inspiration is the HAAS machines along with the makerbot and other designs.

this rendering does nto show a complete machine as I still have to draw a gantry and other major parts.

The build area if it is a 3d printer is 5 cubic feet. 450mmx450mmx900mm roughly.

It is made from 1 and a half sheets of 5mm steel plate. I am designing suitable fastenersto bolt it together as I am concerned that the heat of welding will cause it to warp.

the hardware for milling and printing will have to be drastically different. I need a light weight gantry for printing due to inertia forces and the use of a belt drive.

for milling a acme screw drive is my choice along with a very strong linear bearing arrangment, or rack and pinion gearing.

Some people might call this overboard for a printer, but for a milling machine it should be quite strong and stiff compared to the plumbing pipe and angle bar models I have seen.
open | download - milling machine box frame v1.jpg (137.8 KB)
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