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Hybrid Mill/Printer using Gen7, Grbl, Teacup

Posted by billcat 
Hybrid Mill/Printer using Gen7, Grbl, Teacup
September 17, 2013 11:28AM
Hello folks,

Just joining and I am hoping to find advice on my goal of building a combination 3d printer/mill.

First, a little background.....
I have lately found interest in the open source concept(as in free speech, not beer)
I installed my first Ubuntu OS several weeks ago, it was a challenge.
I bought my first Arduino(Uno) last week.
I have ZERO programming knowledge and little understanding of software to hardware interfaces. The blink an led sketch actually challenges meeye rolling smiley, (the sketch, not ohms law and leds)
Terms like.....compiling, UART, serial, COM port, I2C,parser, BAUD, buffer, executable, and literally thousands more are incomprehensible to me, although I am eager to learn.
I have been using a 3 axis CNC router via a pc running commercial software(OS,CAD & CAM) for a couple of years and have that fairly well sorted, mostly the hardware.
I have spent many hours of each day for several weeks trying to crash course myself into achieving an understanding of the requirements of my goal.
I now have questions that I either can not find, or do not understand the answers to.

This is what I imagine:

1. Install the Grbl firmware to an Atmega324p. The info I found regarding installing Grbl suggests...."as long as it sports an Atmega328" and I have some initial success with the 328p install on the UNO as well as some steppers doing what I want via Universal Gcode Sender. But the compatability between the 324p on the Gen7 and the 328p on the UNO is unknown to me. This MCU would be for controlling the mill.
2. Install another firmware(Teacup, etc) to an Atmega1284p. I have no experience with this. This MCU would be for controlling the printer.
3. Build the Gen7 board using a ZIF socket, and interchange the two MCU's as needed depending on the operation, either 3d printing or mill. Of course there would be the requirement to incorporate an exchangeable z'axis mount allowing me to swap out extruder head for spindle, and simply disconnect the heated bed functions when using as a mill.

Sound realistic?
Any wisdom appreciated!
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