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Martin DOTLINER needs new electronic

Posted by Lucas85 
Martin DOTLINER needs new electronic
October 13, 2015 04:19PM
Hello everyone!

My dad has 2 frames with each 3 stepper motors and endstops.
The manufacturer was the german company Martin and the modelname is DOTLINER.
All I could find was, they were originally for applying smd solder paste and they were steered via LPT and COM. (there is an empty case on the side of the smaller frame, that has empty holes in the right size for the connectors.)
Data of the motors: Vexta PK264-E2.0A (PDF) (Nema23)
Has anyone a clue if/how they can be controlled with an arduino? The goal to convert one of them into a cnc-router.
I have not much knowledge about electronics, but I can solder SMD parts.

Greetings, Lucas

PS. Please overlook any errors in writing, I tried my best...
Re: Martin DOTLINER needs new electronic
October 13, 2015 04:39PM
... should be no problem - I'm driving similar NEMA-23 steppers with RASP128 stepper drivers on a RADDS shield.
The motors are rated for 1.4A in series (or 2.8A parallel), so you can drive them even with POLOLU drivers and 1A to1.2A with a fan blowing across the coolers.

And you have to select your software - either GRBL, or one of the softwares, that can be switched between 3D-printing and milling, or from one of the other CNC-milling projects out there ...

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