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PCB Scriber for Scratch n' Etch PCBs

Posted by Matt Gilbert 
PCB Scriber for Scratch n' Etch PCBs
November 17, 2016 08:06PM
I just updated the documentation for my method of producing printed circuit boards with a RepRap on the wiki. It includes links to Github where I've uploaded the stls, the firmware (a modified version of Teacup), and the gcode generator.

Just thought I would post a little notice and invite feedback. I understand a lot of people would rather just order PCBs, but for those who are interested in homebrewing them, or changing them from a "vitamin" to a "printed part", any thoughts? What would be some helpful additions to the documentation?
Re: PCB Scriber for Scratch n' Etch PCBs
November 18, 2016 04:51AM
Hi Matt, great effort!

How about getting these changes back into mainstream Teacup? This way you'd get support for all the other controller boards.

I had a look at scriber.c and there is, well, not exactly much code. These few lines are already covered by M106, which is what I use myself to turn a Dremel on and off. I can get you write access to the mainstream Teacup repo any minute.

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Re: PCB Scriber for Scratch n' Etch PCBs
November 18, 2016 09:14AM
Whoa! I love that idea! I hadn't even considered adding these changes back into Teacup. scriber.c used to be more complicated, before I realized I could just use the scriber endstop as a Z max. Even the custom G-Code commands could be avoided, leaving almost no changes at all. (Now, the only real differences are in how homing is handled.)
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