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CNC Software toolchain (Slic3r equivalent)

Posted by RFZ 
CNC Software toolchain (Slic3r equivalent)
September 02, 2017 10:05AM
I'm used to 3D printing for 4 years now. I've never had problems with my Toolchain. It's really simple... I design a part in OpenSCAD, I slice it with Slic3r (in Repetier Host) and send the gcode (also using Repetier Host). Never had issues or the feeling that something is missing.

Now I own a CNC router, and I don't know how to start... I can design my part (or the negative / cut-out) in OpenSCAD. But what next? What software is used for gcode generation? I haven't found something similar/popular like Slic3r...
Can someone please give me a hint in the right direction?
I'm using Windows and "Candle" to control the machine btw.
For the first project, I just want to cut a rectangular hole into a acrylic sheet... I could write the gcode on my own for this, but I also want to be prepared for more complex jobs winking smiley
Thx smiling smiley

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Re: CNC Software toolchain (Slic3r equivalent)
September 02, 2017 11:56AM
Actually, after few hours on the interwebs, HeeksCNC seems to be one of the best tools. Guess I'll look more into it.
Any other recommendations?
Re: CNC Software toolchain (Slic3r equivalent)
September 03, 2017 03:11AM
I'm starting to use Fusion360 for CNC and 3D modelling. It's free, but requires an internet connection.
Re: CNC Software toolchain (Slic3r equivalent)
September 03, 2017 08:22AM
I didn't want to use Fusion 360 because I've been a linux fan boy for a long time but I've started to use it and it's really good. Unfortunately there's no great OS solution but HeeksCNC should be fine if you only want to do 2.5d operations.

You probably do want to use fusion even though is nasty closed source cloud based propriety
Re: CNC Software toolchain (Slic3r equivalent)
September 13, 2017 05:46PM
I *really* wish there was a good 3D milling solution that could handle STL files in a reasonable manner (Fusion 360 sucks at it). I'm tempted to roll my own, but I know I'll never have the time to really do it right.
Re: CNC Software toolchain (Slic3r equivalent)
September 14, 2017 12:31PM
My toolchain on Shapeoko 2 with GRBL

Inkscape (with plugins) ----- Paths SVG
Maker cam ------- Generate paths, pockets Gcode

Universal G Code sender ---- Shapeoko 2 CNC




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