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Need help in electronics for my CNC milling machine

Posted by egecant 
Need help in electronics for my CNC milling machine
March 15, 2018 12:20PM
Firstly, I would like to mention a little bit about the project background then I will list my questions. Any help is appreciated smiling smiley

Background: I am an undergraduate mechanical eng. student and I have a project that requires me to build a CNC milling machine with an automatic tool changer. The axes ranges are both 1 meter in x and y directions, and it will be used to machine polymers. I am planning to use Ramps 1.4 for the control card and I am also planning to use LCD to stream the G-codes with an SD card.


1) Since I will be using the Ramps 1.4 for CNC milling operations, which CAM software do I need to use to generate the appropriate G-codes. And in what extension these G-code file should be?

2) How do I connect the spindle to the system and how can I control the rotation speed? Do I need to by additional equipment(s)?

3) Since the axes ranges are relatively long I will use the Nema 23 steppers with an appropriate motor drivers. Can I connect these drivers, with capable power supply of course, without any problem?

4) Is there any utility slots in Ramps for me to integrate the automatic tool changer once I figured out how the tool changer would be?

5) Do I need to change anything in Marlin software to use it for milling operations?

6) Any additional advices? smiling smiley

Thank you for your help!
Re: Need help in electronics for my CNC milling machine
March 15, 2018 07:34PM
Students suppose to do research
search the web for "CNC with Marlin software"

What budget? $10,000? $100,000

RAMPS is just hat atop arduino running firmware
turning g-code to motor movements

Do you need cnc to do your project
Is the project to build CNC for 1m x 1m polymers?

RAMPS wiki may be useful

RAMPS mainly 3D printer controller
What research / requirements drive use of RAMPS?

Shapeoko -- a CNC router


Pulse Width Modulation from arduino pin can control spindle speed

five stepper motor drivers on RAMPS
and D0 and D1 Mosfet control

Tool change will be a script coming out of your CAM
to move to changer x,y,z and actuate changer mechanism.

Look at




confused smiley
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