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Convert Tronxy P802 to a CNC machine question.

Posted by dlw 
Convert Tronxy P802 to a CNC machine question.
July 16, 2018 12:26AM
I am considering converting an I3 clone into a CNC machine that can machine soft metals such as brass and aluminum.
What motor would be necessary to accomplish this?
Does anyone know of a video or tutorial regarding this?

Re: Convert Tronxy P802 to a CNC machine question.
September 23, 2018 06:25PM
I don't think many 3d printers are really suitable to machine metal beyond milling a pcb, which is closer to engraving anyway. I'd go for a dremel with an extension so you move the weight off the machine if you really want to give it a go.

The prusa i3 and clones are not stiff enough to get the end mill dig into the material with sufficient stiffness and force to get good chips. It will deflect and rub more than cut, which heats up the endmill and material leading to melting material and endmills loosing their hardening and breakage. The nema 17 steppers are more optimized for speed than for torque.

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