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Create PCB from china

Posted by holala02 
Create PCB from china
January 21, 2019 10:39AM
hello guys.

i want create this PCB please check the link: [reprap.org]

so i want create it from china manufactury something like this one: www.allpcb.com but in web-site i need to put much information and am not pro.

can please anyone help me please

thank you
Re: Create PCB from china
January 26, 2019 08:30PM
you use a site like jlcpcb.com (My personal favorite)

download the files from [reprap.org]
rename the file to remove spaces (the site doesn't seem to like spaces in the zip file name)

open up [www.jlcpcb.com]

click quote now

click on Add your gerber file and select the renamed file you downloaded.

change the "PCB Qty" to less than 10 if you want (its doesn't save you any money)

Don't change anything else (especially PCB Color as that add a lot to the price)

click save to cart. and create an account.

should cost you $2 + shipping. If its your first order they even give you a discount on shipping (well they used to)
Takes 48 hours to make the pcb, and shipping times depends on how much you spend and where you are.

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