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Posted by Roberts_Clif 
July 15, 2019 12:49PM
MPCNC just happened to be featured on the Teaching Tech youtube channel today:

I have been DIY'ing the MPCNC build area is 750 x 510 x 290mm and coming along very well. I have not finished it still has parts to print. Though it is looking great.
Have done some preliminary tests drawing the Crown, dry cutting a 2D Cross, and various other simple 2D models before my Dewalt DW660 arrived and was installed.

Now after seeing the LowRider 2 in action, I have had thoughts of converting my MPCNC into a simpler more versatile LowRider 2.

I almost have the MPCNC finished, only putting on the finishing touches Drag Cains, end-stops (optional) 3D Printed Controller case and Power stand ect.....

It would give me a smaller profile LowRider 2 CNC that can easily be stored and work off a single sheet of material attached to a table.

A quick release EMT clamping mechanism modification could allow for Optional lengths of EMT Conduit, this could allow the use with different widths material. Including a quick belt change.

Am I crazy or is does this seem like it could be a good ideal.

After a long thought, I have to partially finish the MPCNC how else can the LowRider 2 wooden parts be cut.

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