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Losing Steps?

Posted by kd6hq 
Losing Steps?
November 25, 2019 12:40PM
I need a little help please. I purchased one of the 3018 desktop cmc machines.
I've done everything I know of to try and get the Z axis to calibrate. GRBL V 1.1h.
It came setup with 800 steps on X,Y and Z. For X and Y this works fine. But for Z
it would only move 0.5mm. So I changed the number of steps ($102) to 1600.
This works as long as I keep the feed rate under 500. If I change the feed rate to 600
then tell the Z to move 10mm it will momentarily stall during the move. It will start to move,
stop for a second and then continue the move. When the is happens the distance of the
move is incorrect. If I change $102 back to 800 this does not happen but Z only moves 1/2 half of what it should.
Has anyone else had this problem? If so how did you correct it.
Re: Losing Steps?
November 25, 2019 01:44PM
... you have to reduce the acceleration and eventually the speed too for Z ...

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Re: Losing Steps?
November 25, 2019 01:57PM

VDX - Yes - thanks, I finally found some good information, apparently I've been trying to overdrive the steppers. Thanks again.
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