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refurbishing 40W-CO2-lasers

Posted by VDX 
refurbishing 40W-CO2-lasers
October 04, 2012 03:59AM
Hi all,

... got a used chinese 40W-CO2-laser in exchange for some reprap-parts - images attached ...

The laser was used only some hours, so could be good for some hundred hours more when handled carefully ... but one of the X-stepperdirver-halfbridges is dead, so I'll repair it - or even better, exchange the complete controller by an Arduino or a spare CNC-controller.

Is it usable for reprap? - with cutting a square in the bottom you can add a Z-axis in the working range for powder sintering or plasticwire-fusion setups ... or replace the CO2-laser by one of the cheap high-power diodelasers for other possibilities and much longer lifetimes ...

So you should check occasionally for really cheap old/outsourced CO2-engravers - their count at ebay (or forums) should rise dramatically, when the users, that originally imported them from China reached the lifetime (some ten to hundred hours) of the CO2-bulb and won't exchange it by importing a new one ...

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open | download - CO2-Laser-Gehaeuse.jpg (27.5 KB)
open | download - Arbeitsbereich.jpg (28.4 KB)
open | download - Laserrohr.jpg (27.7 KB)
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