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Safety shield for 700mW Laser

Posted by DFix1 
Safety shield for 700mW Laser
November 18, 2014 08:14AM
for my first expirience i will build a laser engraver with a 405nm 700mW laser.
I want to shield the laser with something like a small window or something else.

Any ideas?

Re: Safety shield for 700mW Laser
November 25, 2014 04:07PM
700mW is a low power, according to safety regulation stated in IEC 60825, protection need to last 10 seconds on manned equipment, 100 secs on half tended equipment and 30000 secs on automatic equipment.
Calculation are needed for the last one item, assuming you tend your laser, you need a plastic safety window labelled with a mark that states it have an OPTICAL DENSITY more than 3.5 at the 700nm wave lenght.
See as suggestion: [www.uslasercorp.com]
Re: Safety shield for 700mW Laser
November 29, 2014 06:54PM
... he has to shield 405nm, not 700 - so common orange, UV-shielding windows, as used for protecting PCB-labs could be sufficient.

My first windows for diodes with [email protected] were such windows, stated as blocking all light below 500nm.

When testing with eye, camera and UV-sensor, the blocking of 445nm (and even better for 405nm) is perfect ... but this windows aren't qualified as 'laser-safe', so use at own risk winking smiley

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