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Laser Diode temperature

Posted by Ohmarinus 
Laser Diode temperature
January 15, 2015 05:59PM
Hey guys, so, finally got around to testing the L-Cheapo laser smiling smiley

I notice it's getting very hot, when I touch it with my finger after only 30 seconds of cutting, the element and laser are so hot that they hurt my finger. This is nowhere near 20-30º celsius. I'm afraid this is bad for the diode.

Now, I've already emailed the seller of the product, but I just want to be sure, this is not normal right?

Re: Laser Diode temperature
January 16, 2015 05:30AM
... no, definitely not normal!

But this is often the 'normal case' with this cheapish chinese modules - they normally overpower the diodes, with not sufficient cooling, to show their 'superior power' -- and calculate, that the resulting lifetime of only some ten to hundred hours (sometimes even only minutes!) will be an issue of the buyer sad smiley

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Re: Laser Diode temperature
January 16, 2015 06:43AM
I've contacted the seller and I'm told it should have a functioning overheat protection. If it malfunctions, I will get a replacement.

Meanwhile my CoreXY machine is performing flawlessly, only had trouble with setting up the endstops, but that's figured out.

I have more problems with the workflow, but I will start a new topic so that other users can find back the info easily if they have the same problem.

Re: Laser Diode temperature
January 18, 2015 02:31PM
Did a quick test on my laser diode
contact thermocouple on aluminum block around laser

time -- degree C
0 -- 16.2
3 -- 28..4
4 -- 32.2
5 -- 36.7
7 -- 34.0
22 -- 20.9

I'll keep thermocouple on during next cutting run
confused smiley
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