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Laser Suppliers

Posted by martinprice2004 
Laser Suppliers
November 08, 2010 08:00AM
Can anyone suggest where I can buy a 1 watt pigtailed laser in the UK. I would prefer a "shop online" source. I have been looking for quite a while but I think in the UK they think everyone is a potential terrorist and doesn't want to sell this sort of stuff. European sourcing is also an option.

I want to try some laser sintering of nylon and this size of laser seems about the best. I'm looking to spend no more than about £250 or so.

Is there also a supplier for safety glasses.

Has anyone tried a cluster of laser diodes as these are much cheaper and would overcome the legal issues in some counties. I'm thinking of maybe four focussed on a single point.

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Re: Laser Suppliers
November 08, 2010 04:02PM
... as lumics: [www.lumics.com]

Some years ago i've bought a 8Watt-diode with 975nm out from a 0.1mm fiber for 300 Euros ...

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