software for delta?
August 30, 2016 04:23PM
hi all,
i have a delta 3 axis machine and trying to wire a laser module to it atm. but i am having hard time to find proper software to do it. it can be gcode generator or hosting software. all i have tried are giving error when i tried to put 0,0 point to center. only 3d printer softwares worked, but they are hard and takes way too much time to configure for laser.
Re: software for delta?
September 03, 2016 01:27PM
check out the jtech photonics, they have a good environment for their laser upgrade kits
Re: software for delta?
September 03, 2016 04:13PM
looks like a good one, thanks.

i am working with rhino-grasshopper now to generate gcodes of vector drawings.

my laser is not working properly atm. i probably will try their software when i go for image based engraving.
Re: software for delta?
September 09, 2016 07:39PM
i found this grasshopper file for rhino and modified a bit for myself. sharing here if anyone interested. i am using marlin firmware and laser is connected to d9, so configurations are for them, but easy to rearrange.
open | download - (21.8 KB)
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