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choosing a laser for cutting foam board

Posted by dudu_abdu 
choosing a laser for cutting foam board
October 22, 2016 03:25PM
I'm planing on building a cnc laser cutter for cutting black 5 mm foam board, and if possible some 2 mm plywood.
Right now im trying to figure out what parts do i need, mainly what laser diode do i need.
I know that most of you will suggest building a CO2 laser but that's wayyy out of my budget.
I was thinking of using the NDB7875 diode with G-2 lanses, do you think its enough for my needs? i dont mind making multiple passes

I have a printrbot simple metal 3D printer, so for now the plan is to attach the laser next to the hot-end (it had been done before) just for testing the laser on different materials.
Re: choosing a laser for cutting foam board
October 23, 2016 02:47PM
... 3W of 445nm is enough for up to 4mm plywood with several passes - I'm cutting 3mm birch plywood with a 2W-diode.

Light dark foam shouldn't be a problem too - I've cut different foam types with up to 10mm thickness.

Could be more problematic then with high density foams and high loads of carbon black ...

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