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controller board capacity

Posted by MammaAiuto 
controller board capacity
January 13, 2017 04:03PM
Hello all, recently I bogtht a laser diode kit " DIY " with a laser of 500mW ( 405nm ) 40x50 from Ebay.
Also I want to change my laser for something more powerfull ...like 10 watts blue laser diode ( 445nm ) ,
is there a board capable to support this power similar to my arduino nano or a more complete card
like..... 3 axes, PWM to modulate the power ....sugestion, recommendation !!

The laser I want is with his driver board which 3 wires connector is use to be connect to the
controller board ( not sure ) but on the picture there are a 3 contact connector wires.

Thanks for your times and sorry, english is not my first language ( french canadian )

Have a good weekend

Marc P
Re: controller board capacity
January 14, 2017 04:44AM
The power for the diode comes from the dedicated driver, not the arduino. But you can control the driver output with a PWM pin from any arduino.
A good all_in_one solution might be arduino mega and RAMPS1.4 board, if you want stepper motors to control XY-movement.
Re: controller board capacity
January 15, 2017 10:11AM

Thanks for the fast reply

The laser I saw and think can be ok for my need have the circuit to drive the
laser...so if I understand, if my control board can handle a laser up to 5 watts
it should be ok to handle up to 10 watts .... if it have the laser 12V output on
the board !!!

This is the board I should receive next week to replace the one include in the
kit DIY laser cutter/engraver with the 500mw laser ... in replacement for the
future laser and or spare , if it work, but I am willing to buy one other board if the
new board is not ok to support a bigger laser


Also, are you saying a Arduino mega 2560 + ramps 1.4 same as my 3D printer can
be use with the laser ...in that case were to connect the laser and do I have to
execute some specific command like ( special firmware ) or specific move
command.... is there a tuto to install the laser ( I have a spare board Arduino mega 2560 + ramps 1.4 )

Thanks to have take the time to answer my question .... in mater Gcode or Arduino
I am a real newbie ....just do not know were to start or break something in my machine


Marc P
Re: controller board capacity
January 15, 2017 02:02PM
I have a Laser driver with TTL input that requires 5V signals to fire the Diode. I have reprogrammed the D9 fan output to send the signal to a 5V-pin on the RAMPS-servo connector.
Now I can use the fan control gcode "M106 S{0-255}" to adjust the power of the Diode.
I'm using an addon in Inkscape to convert grayscale or black&white images to gcode.
open | download - Wood_Shapes_Sticks_small.jpg (340.9 KB)
Re: controller board capacity
January 15, 2017 08:30PM
I would use a separate power supply for your laser.
A 10 watt laser is going to draw more current than a 1/2 watt laser

Depending on the software / firmware you will use
a pin on the Arduino may provide PWM trigger for the laser

I use a GRBL shield on a MEGA 2560
and use pin 12 to trigger the laser power levels from 0 -255 OFF - Full power

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