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Laser print failure

Posted by tikkis 
Laser print failure
August 19, 2017 11:45AM
Hello. have mounted a 500mw laser on to my prusa i3.
Have generated a gcode. and select the file from sd card on the printer. I get a flash from the laser, and the sd card in the display says 53% and goes back to standby mode
any ideas?

nothing happens. just a flash from laser. and flash 53% in the dispaly.

M106 S0

G1 F300
G1  X13.8978 Y4.8599
G4 P0 
M106 S255
G4 P0
G1 F150.000000
G2 X9.2236 Y5.5444 I1.9841 J29.854
G2 X4.7524 Y6.9475 I6.5519 J28.7035
G2 X1.9673 Y8.187 I16.3213 J40.4219
G2 X1.1981 Y8.6807 I1.7176 J3.5223
G3 X0.7155 Y9.0192 I-2.4705 J-3.009
G3 X0.176 Y9.2877 I-2.0776 J-3.4984
G1  X0.1799 Y9.3079 
G2 X1.9295 Y9.298 I0.443 J-75.8374
G3 X4.4074 Y9.3732 I0.4496 J26.0494
G3 X6.4696 Y9.6525 I-1.4292 J18.3018
G3 X9.8238 Y10.6129 I-3.795 J19.5922
G3 X13.0373 Y12.1726 I-7.4934 J19.529
G3 X14.7564 Y13.2784 I-15.2741 J25.634
G3 X15.0334 Y13.5555 I-0.6245 J0.9015
G1  X15.0151 Y13.6028 
G3 X14.4161 Y13.6964 I-0.9744 J-4.2677
G2 X9.901 Y15.2264 I0.8571 J9.9569
G2 X6.5484 Y18.7121 I5.5289 J8.6728
G2 X5.7547 Y20.2373 I15.2267 J8.8929
G2 X5.6709 Y20.6202 I0.8325 J0.3829
G1  X5.7329 Y20.6824 
G2 X6.7009 Y20.6232 I0.0226 J-7.5745
G3 X9.7278 Y20.5824 I1.6959 J13.5255
G3 X10.0639 Y20.9531 I-0.0364 J0.3707
G1  X10.0354 Y20.9952 
G3 X9.7644 Y21.0733 I-0.52 J-1.2958
G2 X8.0567 Y21.6243 I1.2085 J6.6666
G2 X6.0948 Y22.823 I4.7874 J10.0401
G2 X4.8013 Y23.9849 I6.6161 J8.667
G2 X3.7572 Y25.2867 I7.286 J6.9133
G2 X2.7758 Y27.1171 I8.5668 J5.7709
G2 X2.2027 Y29.0534 I9.0256 J3.7249
G2 X1.9782 Y30.7456 I16.0393 J2.9887
G2 X2.0455 Y31.0245 I0.4594 J0.0366
G1  X2.0976 Y31.0427 
G2 X2.6199 Y30.8188 I-1.5652 J-4.3727
G3 X4.7828 Y30.0185 I4.646 J9.2337
G3 X6.3104 Y29.9055 I1.0953 J4.426
G1  X6.5878 Y29.9319
G1  X6.1493 Y30.2492
G2 X4.4472 Y31.8659 I5.1763 J7.1543
G2 X3.0894 Y34.0502 I8.2555 J6.6461
G2 X2.3915 Y36.1353 I8.9572 J4.1573
G2 X2.1493 Y38.4302 I10.6352 J2.2826
G2 X2.2751 Y40.0551 I10.7093 J-0.0121
G2 X2.6447 Y41.6332 I10.4686 J-1.6192
G2 X3.3354 Y43.3857 I13.0555 J-4.1334
G1  X3.5112 Y43.4536 
G1  X3.5602 Y43.4196 
G2 X4.0484 Y42.8712 I-15.3653 J-14.1718
G3 X12.5241 Y36.1126 I22.0235 J18.925
G3 X22.82 Y32.9694 I13.36 J25.3274
G3 X23.9555 Y32.8611 I5.0225 J46.645
G3 X24.2882 Y32.8473 I0.3326 J4.0011
G1  X24.6215 Y32.8473
G1  X24.5699 Y33.1468
G2 X24.4372 Y36.134 I11.6858 J2.0155
G2 X25.0337 Y38.789 I9.7883 J-0.8047
G2 X27.6206 Y42.6471 I9.5081 J-3.5789
G2 X31.661 Y44.9568 I6.948 J-7.4656
G2 X33.8308 Y45.3615 I3.0113 J-10.1237
G2 X35.9966 Y45.3033 I0.8108 J-10.1449
G2 X39.0182 Y44.4121 I-1.3738 J-10.2261
G2 X41.5425 Y42.692 I-4.1325 J-8.7766
G1  X42.1029 Y42.1633
G1  X42.8765 Y42.3475
G3 X45.2874 Y43.0853 I-4.6175 J19.3959
G3 X47.5904 Y44.1232 I-7.0562 J18.732
G2 X48.4917 Y44.5766 I11.5128 J-21.7657
G1  X48.527 Y44.5705 
G1  X48.5503 Y44.4564 
G2 X47.9293 Y43.0863 I-16.3638 J6.5911
G2 X46.5314 Y41.0044 I-9.112 J4.608
G2 X44.7684 Y39.4414 I-6.8106 J5.9062
G1  X44.2093 Y39.0636
G1  X44.8482 Y39.1184
G3 X46.9936 Y39.4993 I-1.0313 J12.0397
G3 X49.3848 Y40.3544 I-4.3159 J15.8401
G2 X49.7687 Y40.502 I1.5665 J-3.5007
G1  X49.8356 Y40.5005 
G1  X49.8556 Y40.4363 
G2 X48.7877 Y39.0002 I-24.7431 J17.2836
G2 X47.2322 Y37.2695 I-14.4772 J11.447
G2 X45.6082 Y35.8825 I-10.8856 J11.1011
G3 X45.3415 Y35.6795 I7.9417 J-10.7079
G3 X45.1136 Y35.496 I6.2492 J-7.9977
G1  X44.8882 Y35.3092
G1  X44.8882 Y34.1027
G2 X44.1438 Y27.5833 I-28.921 J-0.
G2 X41.8811 Y21.1061 I-30.8054 J7.1277
G2 X40.0139 Y17.7587 I-27.0496 J12.8932
G2 X37.8392 Y14.8389 I-22.7195 J14.6522
G2 X35.5631 Y12.3862 I-31.3866 J26.845
G2 X34.1157 Y11.1392 I-9.4892 J9.5502
G3 X33.8294 Y10.9194 I7.4329 J-9.9793
G3 X33.7859 Y10.8783 I0.2119 J-0.268
G2 X33.4131 Y10.5416 I-1.7104 J1.5192
G2 X31.6693 Y9.353 I-23.6017 J32.7504
G2 X26.0252 Y6.5753 I-14.8651 J23.0817
G2 X19.4888 Y5.0096 I-10.5267 J29.521
G2 X16.8074 Y4.8021 I-3.397 J26.4658
G2 X13.8978 Y4.8596 I-0.8379 J31.2315
G1  X13.8978 Y4.8599
G4 P0 
M106 S0
G1 F300
G1 X0 Y0

Re: Laser print failure
August 19, 2017 01:42PM
... not all firmware can process G2 or G3 codes - try to convert the curves into segments before exporting ...

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Re: Laser print failure
August 19, 2017 05:49PM
Dont know how to do that.

but my motherboard is. MKS GEN-2Z V1.1.
Re: Laser print failure
August 19, 2017 07:04PM
... what's your methode or software-chain to generate G-codes?

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Re: Laser print failure
August 20, 2017 03:06AM
I use the Inkscape with j tool plugin
Re: Laser print failure
August 20, 2017 11:21AM
... I'm using the German Inkscape version, but should be similar with yours -- look here, how to convert curves into linear segments:

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Call for the project "garbage-free seas" - [reprap.org]
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