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Posted by serkang 
November 02, 2018 07:52AM
I am studying on Galvolaser for my university finishing project. I find mirrors and f theta lens for 1060 nm but 1060 nm laser module is really expensive and ı never buy it. I can use 450 nm laser module but ı couldn't find the appropriate mirror and lens. So I have to prove can I use or can not use 450 nm laser with 1060 nm's mirrors product. How can I prove it ?
Re: Galvolaser
November 02, 2018 03:30PM
... here for reference, my answers from the PL-forum too:


... dielectric coated mirrors for 1064nm are mostly transparent for 450/455nm - so better use silver coated mirrors.

The f-theta lens for 1064nm will create much reflections inside, so you'll loose some power and receive some mirrored "satellite" spots - if you can't find f-theta for 445nm, then you can use 532nm types ... some satellite reflections too, but not this strong as with 1064nm lenses ...


... f-theta for 532nm or 455nm are not this common, so even more expensive than 1064nm ones Silver coated mirrors can be found cheap - search for the cheapish Chinese galvoscanners -- they mostly have silver-coated mirrors, which too are available as spare for repair ..."]

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