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Posted by o5i 
April 17, 2019 02:39PM
Hi, im currently converting a K40 cutter. I wanted to use the Ramps 1.4 i have but im not sure what firmware to use. If possible it would be great if i could use the reprapdiscount full graphic smart controller. I had a look at grbl but it seems it needs some specific board on top. At the other hand Marlin seems to be focused on printing. Im not sure how to control it after that. Seems there is a inkscape plugin. Would be great if i could read the svg from sdcart and cut/engrave directly from there or use a web based management.
Re: Firmware/Electronics
April 17, 2019 03:43PM
... I'm using Marlin and Pronterface for laserengraving and -cutting by simply generating the laser-pulses directly from the extruder-pulses - so a "G0 X0 Y0" movement to the origin with Extruder OFF will move the laser without power, while a "G1 X20 Y0 Z0 E200 F3000" will move 20mm in +X and generate 10 pulses per mm (so 10x20mm=200pulses) along the path.

For power setting I'm using a voltage fro 0V to 5V (potentiometer or analogue output from the controller) to a pin of the laser-controller (a small Arduino) and perform a reset, so it will read the voltage and define the later pulse length for it ... e.g. "0V" and reset will give pulses with 5 microseconds duration, while "+5V" will result in 500 microsecond long pulses ...

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