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DIY Laser engraver/cutter needs new driver board

Posted by Microdot 
DIY Laser engraver/cutter needs new driver board
February 18, 2021 07:39AM
Hey guys,

hope you all doing well these days.

In the past few month i built a diy laser engraver/cutter from stuff i had left from my old desktop-cnc. I bought a 2,5 w chinese laser module and the woodpecker cnc 3.4 board with an arduino wich worked well for getting into this laser stuff and learning about the technik behind it.
Last week i got my hands on a Nubm44 diode and now i want to upgrade my cutter with the new diode.
I changed the heat sink, fan, wires etc. Now the last step is to find a new laser driver board wich work with my system. First i looked into a 5A scu driver board where i can change the resistors to drive the laser with a current around 4,2V. But i found only some chinese sellers on eBay and i'm feeling not really well on attaching my new diode to a chinese replica of a driver board...

So i found the laser driver on Lasertack.com. They only have one driver board smiling smiley
Now my question is can i use this driver for my System? I have to wire my Fan and my three pin laser wire from controllerboard (pwm/ttl) to it and i'm not sure if it will work.

Hope you can help me smiling smiley

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