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Extruder just makes noise

Posted by M.Kots 
Extruder just makes noise
January 09, 2012 11:07AM
I can't get my extruder to move. I pass the extrude code to the board and the extruder just hums.

- I have Ramps 1.4
- I have swaped the E0 & E1 due to a poorly placed heat sink on the sheild (I have switched the pin.h file also)
- X,Y,&Z work as they should (E works when plugged into one of them)
- Pololu works when plugged into X socket
- Using Repetier firmware & host because sprinter and reprap host seemed to freeze when connecting
- If I send a print job (GCode) through Repetier everything except for the extruder seems to work fine

My next step will probably be to remove the interfering heat sink and try in the E0 position but I'm not as comfortable with that idea.

Any thoughts?
Re: Extruder just makes noise
January 10, 2012 11:22AM
Solved my problem, I'll try to keep the post short.

I was able to get Sprinter running through ReplicatorG still can't get RepSnapper or the standard RepRap host to connect (it might be a Windows Vista issue). Any way ReplicatorG was able to run the extruder so I knew my driver and pins were correct.

Next I did some digging (not sure why I didn't find it earlier) Repetier has a minimum extrusion temp which is set to 0. The problem was that I didn't have the heater or the sensor even connected which was outputting a temp of -20. I set this to -25 and no problem was able to calibrate and will hopefully be extruding soon.

The setting is in the configuration.h file (near the bottom)


This is a great idea and I think that I will probably reactivate it once I get everything printing
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