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Create a forum for Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Posted by FredWalter 
Create a forum for Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
December 09, 2009 12:40PM
Please create a forum for Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
I think that is something people of that area will have to do if there is an interest. I live in Kitchener, Ontario and would be interested if people would like to get together. I don't own one nor have the time to build one at this time....summer will be a different story. I would like to see a machine in person though or even have others in my remote area to assist me and others in building and modifying one. Curious to see if this takes off.
Hey Dman,

I am a student at University of Waterloo and on current co-op term I and my partner were building a Mendel. I am done my co-op in a week so I will be in Waterloo during summer. Although we are far from being pros, we would like to take the RepRap Journey again.

So keep me posted.

Re: Create a forum for Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
September 16, 2010 03:08AM
I've been working on building a repstrap from the treasure (junk) in my garage. Yall might get a kick out of this.
I'm using extruded T-slot aluminum for most of the frame (got this from the scrappers)
Left over steel hanger rail from the ikea kitchen cabinet I installed.
Bits and pieces from a dead slider compound miter saw and other junk of a less unusual nature.
I beating my head on how to contruct the xyz movements without buying anything but I have a few ideas,
My goal is to limit the cash investment to the electronics and salvage the rest from whatever I can
So if anyone knows a free to super cheap source of steppers, electronics and anything else of use please let me know.
Re: Create a forum for Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
December 30, 2010 07:44PM
I put together an acrylic ponoko darwin reprstap a year or so ago. It was fun, but it had some serious problems. Recently, it's become a lot more convenient to get the parts together for a reprap and there are a lot more people selling printed parts for reasonable prices, so I've decided to try building a mendel over my holiday break.

I don't know if anyone has made a reprap user group here in K/W but I think kwartzlab.ca is working on getting a lasercut mendel working. I'm thinking of checking them out on another one of their open nights to see how they're progressing.
I am located in Woodstock currently and am an electrical engineering graduate. I'm looking for a way to make a new Prusa Mendel and use it to make a PCB photomask printer.
Re: Create a forum for Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
March 16, 2011 08:45PM
In case anyone local is interested, Thingfarm North America is based in Waterloo. If you need kit parts, anyone in the area can pick up and save themselves the cost of shipping. I can also source other materials (e.g. PTFE or PEEK rod for extruder parts) on an as-needed basis.

Meanwhile, if anyone has a working RepRap or RepStrap and is willing to make parts, please PM me - I'm looking for Mendel plastics.
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