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Reprap prusa announcement

Posted by karandex 
Reprap prusa announcement
January 12, 2012 05:30AM
We are offering first full reprap prusa kit in india. Also we sell assembled units.


This kit includes everything you need to make your own 3D printer!!! Be the part of future.
go to reprap.org for more information about reprap 3d printer project.

Introduction to reprap ( not my video)


Features and Specs:
Prusa mendel Plastic parts ( ver Prusa2 11/11/11 and some changes)
5 stepper motors
Fully assembled ramps electronics
Arduino Mega 1280
USB cable
ATX power supply
All rods are Stainless Steel
Professionally made hotend (Imported)
Heated bed ( essential to print ABS parts)
LM8UU for all axis
0.5 Kg plastic to get you start printing.
Some tools to get started
CD software and instructional videos.
and many more

Cost Between Rs37000 to Rs 40000 ( shipping extra if needed)

Contact me for final cost and charges for assembled and calibrated unit.
email id : karanchaphekar@gmail.com
Phone no +91 9769980704

We are situated in mumbai. people outside mumbai will have to contact for shipping details.

Website is comming soon.
Re: Reprap prusa announcement
January 15, 2012 01:57AM
We have fixed the cost on 37000 and decided to add more improvements after talking to out suppliers
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