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Printrbot PLUS

Posted by karandex 
Printrbot PLUS
October 02, 2012 10:50AM
Printrbot Plus

I planning on releasing printrbot plus, but i will only do if i can sell all of them in single batch. I am got stuff for 3 machines
So the configuration of machine will be following.
Its impoved in everywhere possible

Acrylic lasercut by perspex
Stainless steel hardware
chrome plated hardned smooth rod
Jhead MK5B from hotend.com
the latest in extruder tech. only 200 gms motor with metal gearbox.
assembled and calibrated extruder for bot assembled and unassembled units.
z axis stabilizer
filament spool mount
printrboard [www.reprap-usa.com]

There is one thing though i am not giving heated bed as i am supplying kit with pla and i dont have abs right now. when i will
have abs in stock then i will ship heated bed for free.for printing pla you just need painters paper masking tape.(and pla
smells nicer.)

So if i get order for all 3 printers then only the they will be produced. you can get it assembled or unassembled.
Unassembled. RS 30,000
Assembled. RS 37,000
NOTE:- Printrbot is very famous machine. on printrbottalk.com forums and wiki and official printrbot.com you can get help for it.
3D printing is not for everyone. if you are a tinkerer and like some challenge than its for you.
There wont be any warrenty with the kit or machine. everything will be sent tested.You will get some help from
email but you should have some experience in it. if you are not ready for it then get makerbot replicator which will
cost with shipping and customs around 1.5 Lakhs

Terms and conditions
Products provided as is without any guarantees or warranty. In connection with the product,
I makes no warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to warranties
of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, of title, or of noninfringement of third party rights. Use
of the product by a user is at the user’s risk.

I have past experience in selling prusa mendel kit.I have learnt lot from it and improved thigs in current kit.
These are some of the testimonials
[blog.3dtin.com] ( the print was the first prints and there were some issues now the issues are solved)

These are printers are only one time batch. There is small chance that i will be making this kit in near future
so its the only chance of getting it.

If any question please reply.
Or contact me on

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Anonymous User
Re: Printrbot PLUS
October 02, 2012 12:01PM
funny rate is so high ...............
Re: Printrbot PLUS
October 02, 2012 12:07PM
yeah i know.good things cost money... many things used are the best i can offer in that category.

Also its lower than its dollar price.

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Re: Printrbot PLUS
October 03, 2012 09:51AM
only 2 available now
Re: Printrbot PLUS
December 07, 2012 01:32PM
Sorry no longer available
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