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All new imec 3d printer is been released

Posted by imecproto 
All new imec 3d printer is been released
January 19, 2013 07:21PM
6 different printers ,, [www.cad3dprint.com]

Layer Thickness .1mm - .5mm (based on nozzle dia)
Accuracy .2mm
Printing Filament Type PLA / ABS / PP
Printing Filament Diameter 3.0 mm
Print Heads 1
Power Requirements 12 V DC, 5A
CAD Input Data files STL
3D Printing Software Pronterface
Printing Modes Solid, Honeycomb, Hollow
Operating Systems Windows
Optimal Operating Temperature 18 - 25 degree C
Print Bed Aluminium heater bed
Printing filaments in sales package 1Kg of (PLA, ABS, PP)
Nozzle variants to choose from .2mm, .3mm, .4mm, .5mm, .7mm
Hardware Interface USB
Extruder Type Multi Material Extruder designed for multiple material printing, Motor directly above nozzle for easy feed, Useful for printing flexible materials
Board Sanguinololu Board 1.3a
LCD Display Yes
Microstepping 1/16
Stepstick A4988
Firmware Marlin


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Re: All new imec 3d printer is been released
May 04, 2013 01:38AM
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