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Where to buy parts online in India

Posted by A_Designs 
Where to buy parts online in India
May 13, 2016 09:38PM

I'm planning to build a Hbot 3D printer from scratch, but I'm having trouble finding the parts. Does anyone know any good sites they have experience buying parts from? Preferably based in India, or at least shipping to India, and at low rates. In particular I'm looking for parts like hot ends, stepper motors, pulleys, belts, etc.

Thank you,
Re: Where to buy parts online in India
June 03, 2016 07:27AM
Hey there,

Great to find a fellow builder in India.

I have found eBay.in, diy-India.com, makemendel.com, 3dprintronics.com, aliexpress.com have all the things on offer.

Indian hotends/nozzles, bearings etc are expensive. Best buy those from aliexpress.com, but it takes a 20 days to get delivered. Also make sure that the delivery is through China Registered Air Mail only. I haven't received my parts when they use other services.

Smooth rods, threaded rods and heavier items are best ordered from India.

Also, why did you decide on the H-Bot, it has a few limitations. I am also looking at a HBot/COREXY build. PM me and I will share my number. May be we can discuss it.
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