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interesting 3d scanner

Posted by ohiomike 
interesting 3d scanner
June 08, 2007 03:20PM

The displacemnt map only covers half the object but I wonder if you can make one of each half and then combine. It saids that the code can import into blender, and I would assume that blender can produce the STL files necessary for Darwin. But thats only an assumtion

Anonymous User
Re: interesting 3d scanner
June 11, 2007 08:46AM
Even though 3D scanning sounds like an afterthought now, I think when the dust settles it will be an important feature to a useful fabber.
Re: interesting 3d scanner
June 12, 2007 02:38AM
It's not an afterthought, its been bounced around quite a bit. It is 3D scanning that brought me to reprap. I found the scanning articles and started fanning out and looking at the methods and got some ideas about how they worked. Then I sat back, well 3d models are all very good, but what do I do when I have a model. And this was the answer that I found to that question.
Re: interesting 3d scanner
June 12, 2007 12:25PM
Rather than filling the bath you could rotate the object on a horizontal axis. That would get both halves, pretty much the same as the laser and turntable method but you have replaced the laser with milk and the turntable with a spit.

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