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Kinect V2 Software

Posted by Dreadnaught426 
Kinect V2 Software
December 01, 2014 10:06AM
I've been searching the web off and on for about a week now with little or no luck. I have a kinect V2 and i'm looking for some compatible software. I've tried skanect, recontructme, David3. Does anybody know of any software that supports the Kintect V2? Windows 8 has a program called 3DBuilder, but i'm not a fan.

Tahnks, Adam
Re: Kinect V2 Software
December 22, 2014 10:49PM
Hello, I used a 3D scanner named 3D sensor, form 3D System. Not that good.
And I tried another one from China, but I forget the name.
I will share the sanned 3D photo. See the picture.

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open | download - IMG_0626.JPG (113.4 KB)
Re: Kinect V2 Software
August 21, 2015 12:51PM
do you test the windows 3D Builder it have a kinect v2 support for scanning.. i already testted... its works.. but i didnt try to modify the result...
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Re: Kinect V2 Software
November 30, 2015 07:24PM
you can try this
[www.faceshift.com] (v1.02 maybe others too)
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