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Raspberry scanning with bq ciclop

Posted by aymanem 
Raspberry scanning with bq ciclop
April 26, 2016 08:10AM
Hey guys, so i bought the ciclop 3d scanner ( Zum scan board and arduino ), i'm trying to find out how to link the board to the raspberry pi and make a scan. i found out about the ATLAS freelss project but i found that the BQ ciclop is more stylish and plug and play....
i heard also about the piclop project but no further information about it....
can anyone help me or give me instructions on how to run ciclop 3d scanner on the raspberry ....
Re: Raspberry scanning with bq ciclop
February 25, 2017 09:46PM
Has anyone hooked up BQ Zum board or Cowtech Shield to a Raspberry Pi Board? I'm going go try a Raspberry Pi 3 Board with an Element14 Raspberry Pi -8 megapixel Camera to both. Any help in this area would be deeply appreciated.
Tom Megna
Re: Raspberry scanning with bq ciclop
March 01, 2017 06:34PM
I have just built a Ciclop scanner with the Zum scan board/ Arduino but I am running it from a Windows 10 64 bit pc. I uses the Logitec camera.
I do have a number Raspberry pi's including a pi 3 but have not tried it. Why do you want to specifically run it from the Pi?
Re: Raspberry scanning with bq ciclop
April 28, 2017 11:17AM
How long does a scan take on the Ciclop ? How many scans in total ? On FreeLSS, a high resolution scan (with the 5MP camera) with ~1600 scans can take ~40 min and requires cleanup in meshlab.
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