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Which scanner is good for human faces ?

Posted by forgoden 
Which scanner is good for human faces ?
August 28, 2016 10:34PM
I want to build masks, so I am searching for 3D scanners or software which can scan my face in 3D. Skin color, wrinkles, folds are not important. I need only 3D polygonals for modelling in 3d programs like maya, xsi, 3ds max or cad. So I think the resolution should be in 0.5cm (0,2inch) The proportions should not warped, because these masks should be 3d-printed later and it must cast on human faces.

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Re: Which scanner is good for human faces ?
October 08, 2016 08:54PM
I see you haven't had an answer. There is a free option.
Trnio is a free phone app that I have tried that used the accelerometer the phone, and guides you through making a capture.
The capture is uploaded, and you can trim excess parts, and download the model (PLY format) that you can use in various programs.

see [www.trnio.com]

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Re: Which scanner is good for human faces ?
October 28, 2016 04:42PM
I am using a modified Microsoft Xbox 360 with Skanect software. It works well for head/face scans and also full body shots.
You could chop or modify the scans to make a mask I think.
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