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Different axis configuration

Posted by proctor 
Different axis configuration
November 18, 2011 02:11PM
I was wondering if the system currently used by the Prusa is the only one feaseble. I have to admit that at first it looked pretty weird to see that the working bed was responsible for the x axis. I also saw a hp printer in which the bed moved up and down for the z axis. Now wouldn't it be more rational for the extruder to be moved in all the axis like in other CNC machinery?
Re: Different axis configuration
November 18, 2011 04:25PM
Actually, that's the Y axis that moves the print bed. For a machine this size, it makes sense, because the print bed and part probably weigh less and are easier to move than the X axis and extruder assemblies.

Not that some other arrangement is necessarily wrong. A lot of CNC machinery is configured with a variety of moving parts. Some mills move the table, others move the spindle, most use some combination.
Re: Different axis configuration
November 19, 2011 02:05PM
In a Bridgeport mill, the table moves in X, Y, and Z and the milling tool generally just moves in Z, although it can be set up to rotate I think. The Ultimaker uses a table that moves in Z and an extruder that moves in XY. Makerbot uses an XY table and the extruder moves in Z.
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