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Question about x axis frame rails

Posted by Wade 
Question about x axis frame rails
June 10, 2008 01:04AM
Ok, I'm assembling the cartesian robot, and I have a question about the x axis. When I attach it to the frame, the little bearing blocks don't touch the rails (they're below the rails); in my setup the x axis rails are resting directly on the upper frame rails. I imagine that will work, but it seems like it'll add some friction and wear as the y axis moves back and forth with a steel on steel slider. Most likely I've just put it together wrong. Can one of you guys with a Darwin let me know - are the steel rails supposed to touch? Thanks!
Re: Question about x axis frame rails
June 10, 2008 09:23AM

No they Should be metal to metal that is why you need to grease the frame rods.

Do not worry the first time I assembled my machine I thought that the X frame will not work but it will in the end if you follow the instructions.
The main one to be concerned with is the Z axis you need to follow the instructions or else it will bind.

Bruce Wattendorf
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