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idea embroidery machine

Posted by vagassasson 
idea embroidery machine
April 29, 2014 01:43AM
So I do not have a 3d printer nor do I know how to build one but I am familiar with something that I think may be beneficial to this community. My brother is a tech for an embroidery repair company. A lot of times they buy warehouses full of old machines. They will keep the nicer machines and scrap the rest after they have taken any parts they may need from the machines. My idea is this. The machines are basicly a cnc machine with 2 axis and I'm assuming the parts are very usable in your 3d printers. Would it be worth someones time to pull parts off these machines for people that may use them for 3d printing? Like I said I'm just trying to help. If this post is of no use please just ignore it or have the admins delete it
Re: idea embroidery machine
April 29, 2014 03:46AM
If you have a local hackspace nearby then it might be worth mentioning it to them. Components such as motors, solenoids etc are always useful to have.
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