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Calibration with physics ?

Posted by pwave 
Calibration with physics ?
September 22, 2014 06:53AM
Hi i have a problem with my Reprap i3 that i am sure that other people have run into.
Well my problem is that the Y axis stepper motor "slips" at high printing speeds. (not the belt on pulley or the pulley and motor shaft i checked that)
Now i know that there are lots of speed setting in the firmware that i am using (marlin) for acceleration and speeds that i didn't really get into yet because it seams like trial and error work.
So i was wondering if anyone tried to make a calculator that you enter all the information on your printer like motor type, weight of the bed and x carriage and then it crunches the numbers and gives you the max settings you could use safely ....
Re: Calibration with physics ?
September 28, 2014 07:25AM
Doing this analytically is very complicated. And how would you measure friction of your axis, a parameter required for such calculations?

Trying is much easier. Start with low acceleration, like 500 mm/s2, and low Jerk (10), this will give you a working setup. Starting from the safe side is much more fun and gives you some excitement when you raise these values and printing still works.

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Re: Calibration with physics ?
September 28, 2014 04:12PM
Starting from the safe side does more than give excitement; it gives you a better point of perspective. Starting dirty may make bad prints seem pretty good and you may stop at what you think is reasonable when you are actually behind the game. Just a tid bit of food for thought.

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Re: Calibration with physics ?
June 24, 2015 07:50PM
Find motor power needed, neasure weight of parts (tada)

This is the good technical stuff if your printer extrudes and advances with calibrated mesurable data.

My kit is new, I turtured it. I have a technical background, an uncle told me 'i don't understand I follow datasheets" and repaired electronics. Studied electronic watchmaking, have a diploma had many manual experiences, hobby lover, and lately studied welding for 1 year.
Stuck on android. Phone with xperia.

Heat algebra for next world crisis in plastic rare earth material ha ha.
Heat of room, extrusion head heat, constant rate, then define extrusion surface in square mm, then define in air the heat loss ratio per second, distance from extruder head to previously laid filament, and presto predictable tensile strength.

Yeah case hardening temperattures for anealing ok if graded metals (carbon content of FE
But plastic is a byproduct of petroleum industry... MSDS wont help and who is documenting temperatures? Farmers in manitoba, watching weather on a personnal basis for a few lifetimes = weather predictions.

I can try to understand whats missing in physics of my extruded 0:012mm PLA what will I be able to draw and how resistent will my enlargements of latice 50x microscope representations do to help young minds understand atomic bonds and molecular dispositions via curent induction, and temperature treatments.

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Re: Calibration with physics ?
June 24, 2015 08:00PM
Still configuring , faulted circut, then shorted USB 8foot, then Arduino out of stock mega 2560 r3.
Working on understanding X;Y,Z callibration, some how stopped being able to update arduino, must figure out how to export message errors, found tip in troubleshooting at arduino (short set some setting and the rest are faulted)

35$/euro mistake tripped on usb eh.
Crash during calibration, sitting here thinking the world is a big place.
Trying to find a way to see current arduino mega 2560 R3 data in mem to get slic3r workaround... Temporarily
Square one.
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