BuildTak + SprintSteel Sheet
May 04, 2015 03:04AM

Wondering if anyone in UK has tried BuildTak + Spring Steel combo? If so would like to know the source to buy Spring Steel sheet.

This combo seems like a good printing surface, though am quite happy with my ABS Juice on Blue Tape for PLA & ABS both. The BuildTak on Aluminium or Glass plate poses same challenges, right gap between plate and hotend, removal of object from the build pate if stuck too hard etc... etc..

Spring steel sounds interesting to me just because we could remove it twist it a little and object just pop-out, not sure if it works that easy in real life but getting such feeling from below thread on makergear thread... and hence would like to try that out. smiling smiley


BuildTak is also coming out with Spring Steel sheet option soon as per Fabbloo


Re: BuildTak + SprintSteel Sheet
May 05, 2015 11:39AM
We use BuildTak on all of our printers at work (2 Makergears, 1 GMax, and 1 Cube Pro). They all have great adhesion and prints are very easy to remove. The 2 Maker gear printers use a heated glass bed, while the Gmax uses a non-heated aluminum bed.

Just a little reference.

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