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Which linear slide for a table

Posted by Ray01 
Which linear slide for a table
October 15, 2015 09:02AM

I know it's a little off topic, but I had no idea where to post my question and find someone who could give me a hint.

I need to build a table tiltable.. sort of a foldaway table that I can use as a diaper-changing table since we have a tiny bathroom and no other place to put it. Furthermore, there’s a radiator on the wall and I need to put it somehow around that. I am not allowed to drill any hole in the wall and the radiator cannot deal with a lot of load.

I want to be able to pull down the table with one hand while having my baby on the other arm. I already made a plan and I am pretty convinced that it's a good idea to make a frame behind the radiator with aluminium profiles.

As this is hard to explain I made a 3-D drawing using tinkercad here (you can switch to 3d mode an move it around):
The aluminium parts are painted gray while the wooden plate is brown. For the radiator I inserted the red block

Now my question:
Is there any slide that I could insert in these aluminum notches (The small black part in the drawing)? The slide doesn't need to handle a lot it's just to bring down the diagonal supporters in the right place?

Thank you for any suggestion!

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Re: Which linear slide for a table
October 15, 2015 10:33PM
a 12mm linear slide would do but that would be bit expensive.. for this purpose i would just use a normal drawer slide and cut it to size
Re: Which linear slide for a table
October 16, 2015 06:57PM
Why not just use something as shown on this page



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Re: Which linear slide for a table
October 16, 2015 08:14PM
The baby isn't going to get burned by the radiator, is he/she?

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