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play in lead nut

Posted by rmlrn 
play in lead nut
March 04, 2016 06:42AM
So I got my first leadscrew from ebay - TR8x2. It came with a brass nut that seems very loose to me.
If I hold the screw vertically it will spin down the shaft under it's own weight, but it makes a horrible chattering/ringing sound, and if I move it with my fingers it seems to have at least 0.5mm lateral play.
Is this normal/how much of a problem will it be? It's for the Z axis, so backlash is not a concern.
Anonymous User
Re: play in lead nut
March 04, 2016 07:20AM
A metric screw with a US nut ? smiling smiley
They save on tooling in China and they never heard about tolerance classes smiling smiley
Any way, not an issue as you said, for a Z axis that goes only one way . On my Geetech I3, I just replaced the M8 rods (which were worse) by these and it is OK.
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