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Motors settings

Posted by Ksama 
Motors settings
March 23, 2016 04:04PM
Hi guys,

I'm trying to build my own 3D printer with a guide but I've got a problem with two of my CD/DVD motors : I don't know which settings to set in Marlin (Configuration.h) because I can't find any datasheet for them.
So, I tried to set some values by my own, but I'm a little lost. That's why I'm asking for some help! smiling smiley

I'm using an Arduino Mega 2560 (with Marlin firmware), a RAMPS 1.4 and x4 A4988 modules.

The 1st motor gots "7810200082AC" engraved on front and "D5X08VF1D" printed on the back.
The 2nd gots "05Z20P2B" and "092KPL201ACP" printed on the back.

If I wasn't clear or some informations are missing, please tell me!
Thank you! smiling smiley

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Re: Motors settings
May 29, 2016 02:38PM
Nobody to help me? smiling smiley
Re: Motors settings
May 29, 2016 06:08PM
They look like 4 wire stepper motors (bi-polar 4 wire)
with integral ballscrew shaft
( a ball runs in groove in shaft to raise / lower mechanism)

Set jumpers under A4988 drivers to 1 step
(jumpers can be set to 1, 1/2, 1/8, 1/16 micro steps)
then send steps until you get 1 rotation of the shaft
that will give you steps / rev (360deg)
then you will know deg / step

Common stepper motors are 1.8 deg / step
but the ones you show could be anything (~20 step / rev)

You could put a traveler pointer in the groove and measure how far it moves
with a known number of steps --- get a mm/step to set into your firmware --Marlin

But if you can't use Google search --- maybe you shouldn't be builbing a printer
less frustration ---- get some known NEMA 17 motors

confused smiley
Re: Motors settings
June 03, 2016 07:01PM
These small engines have technical difference in your building? I think you could try the same parameters shown in the tutorial.

Good luck.
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