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Drilling on heated bed

Posted by Iason Giraud 
Drilling on heated bed
April 03, 2016 02:39PM

I'm building a custom prusa i3 and wanted to make a more stable heated bed, so on top i have 3mm aluminum sheet, bellow the heated bed, cork and plywood. The question is, is it ok to drill holes on the heatbed outside the white line marked area, i have the 20x30 pcb heatbed.

Thanks in advance
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Re: Drilling on heated bed
April 05, 2016 04:24AM

Ordinary PCB material used for heated bed is epoxy resin sandwiched by copper layers. If you see fat copper lines outside of white silk line, it should be important power conductive trace for heating up. So, you had better carefully inspect top surface before drilling out. I recommend paper clips to hold a top aluminum sheet and you can easily put it off for cleaning up or change cover tape.

Genie - designer of bitfab::Hexagon Heatedbed in purple. PM me if you wish to get original one of the best quality.
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