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Nyloc nuts everywhere?

Posted by NathanaelXYZ 
Nyloc nuts everywhere?
July 30, 2016 05:59PM
I am in the process of designing a printer, and intend to use plastic-insert lock nuts everywhere. The only exceptions will be screws that are designed for regular adjustment (-ie bed leveling, belt/cable tension, and extruder spring pressure.) Are there any other exceptions, or general reasons NOT to use nyloc nuts for general fastening on the frame/bearings/etc? I have done some research on the topic, but haven't found any kind of "best practice" wisdom.
Re: Nyloc nuts everywhere?
July 30, 2016 07:49PM
Nylock nuts are fine, even inside a warm printer enclosure, but a little bit of a PITA because you have to use a wrench with them. Other options are to use star-type lock washers and thread locker like Locktite.

Split ring lock washers don't lock.

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Re: Nyloc nuts everywhere?
July 30, 2016 09:11PM
Nyloc nuts are a pain in hex nut pockets

Usually just round out or break printed nut pocket

Get wrenches to hold nyloc nuts (small metric open end or boxed end wrenches)
Some may have to be pre threaded --- run bolt in - out --- to be used

A dab of thread lock post fastening works well

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Re: Nyloc nuts everywhere?
July 31, 2016 12:05AM
Thanks for your responses.

Good to know that nylocs destroy printed nut traps, as that's the typical use case in my design. @the_digital_dentist I had assumed star washers would simply chew up the printed surface- do you have any personal experience with this setup?

Maybe I'll just stick to regular nuts, and apply some thread locker if I notice any loosening.
Re: Nyloc nuts everywhere?
August 01, 2016 10:33AM
Be careful with thread lockers, the vapors from their curing can weaken plastics. In model helicopters the general advice is to never use thread locker for any bolt used to join plastic parts.
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